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Lenia Ziglaki Adopt Chios Trees


My name is Lenia Ziglaki (Λένια Ζυγλάκη) and after a shift in my professional career as an architectural- and 3d imaging- draughtswoman, my business partner Chief Marine Engineer George Konstantelias and I, decided to devote ourselves to Chios Mastiha and Olive tree cultivation.

It was not an easy decision.Αgriculture is far from easy. So this project was quite a challenging decision. The basic agricultural practices taken regarding the Chios Mastiha trees include pruning the trees, enriching the soil, weeding, spreading a covering of clean white clay under the tree, “kentos” (piercing the bark) and washing the Chios Mastiha drops. The olive trees practices include harvesting the crop and pressing it to extract the oil. Many other practices are required throughout the year.

But having been brought up in a family of Chios Mastiha-growers, i have realised that the Chios Mastiha scented family house at the time of cleaning and washing it, my family’ toil carved on their faces as well as the joy when the cleaned Chios Mastiha was ready to be delivered to the Chios Mastiha Growers Association, cannot be forgotten.

So, in 2018 we set off with the weeding of my family fields in Mesa Didima, one of the 24 Mastiha villages of Southern Chios. However, very soon, other people around us entrusted us with their own deserted fields. In their own words “we are excited to see our trees alive and productive”. It is a very powerful feeling when you see trees taken care of, well-groomed and ready to offer their fruit. And the people of Chios value this a lot!

In 2019 we created the project www.adoptchiostrees.gr, with the aspiration to introduce to you the wonderful world of the precious trees of Chios; Those trees that can heal the body and the soul: The Chios Mastiha Trees!

Through the project www.adoptchiostrees.gr:

– You can adopt a Chios Mastiha Tree and receive along with the Adoption Certificate 50gr of natural Chios Mastiha as well as a photograph of your tree with our branded sign- board on it, specially designed for you;

– You can visit your tree and experience the powerful cycle of the Mastiha cultivation.

WHY ADOPTING a Chios Mastiha tree?

To forge a bond and create roots that will connect you to a unique product that survives only in one place in the whole world. You will be offered the gift of the precious healing “tear” of Southern Chios. The Chios Mastiha! A national P.D.O product.

To strengthen the cultivation of Mastiha. A traditional cultivation, which has been included by UNESCO in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Adopt a Chios Mastiha Tree and enter a world full of aroma, tastes, but also hard work.

Lenia Ziglaki (Λένια Ζυγλάκη)
In memory of my beloved business partner George Konstantelias

Web Developer

Sofia is a compelling photographer and a web designer & developer, specializing in digital tourism marketing.
Her passion and hustle to make our society a better place to live, lead Sofia in organizing Environmental Seminars for the flora and fauna of Greece open to both parents and children.

“Skinos and friends” is one of her workshop programs “βίωσε & επιβίωσε” (in Greek) which takes place in Mesa Didyma, Chios since 2018 and has already been attended by more than 2.000 children.

Social Media Manager

George Zoumas is a Chios based marketing executive with an extensive background in digital & experiential marketing, creative direction and consulting. He holds an MSc in Sports & Leisure Marketing.

George has worked over the past 18 years with global brands, marketing agencies and local entrepreneurs developing versatile skills that help him adapt and adjust in any circumstances. Driven by his passion for excellence and creativity he is the one to take up on any challenge, as long as the team approves.