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Диамантите на Хиос: Как мастиковите дървета сбъдват мечти и обединяват хора от цял свят

Аделина Радева, от БНТ • Updated 14th November 2020 На един от хълмовете в южната част на гръцкия остров Хиос, между камъните в стръмнината, расте…
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Mastìcha, il superfood greco dall’isola di Chio. I benefici e le ricette per provarlo

Fa bene allo stomaco, ai denti e alla pelle. E’ antiossidante e conferisce un sapore speciale e rinfrescante a liquori, dolci e piatti di ogni…
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This healing plant grows on only one Greek island

MARGARITA GOKUN SILVER, National Geographic • Updated 19th November 2019 WALK PYRGI’S NARROW, medieval streets and you’ll see buildings, arches—even the undersides of balconies—etched with intricate,…
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Диамантите на Хиос

The mysterious healing plant that only grows on Greece’s Chios island

John Malathronas, CNN • Updated 30th September 2019 Known as the “painted village,” Pyrgi is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic places in the world. Located on…
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Food & Wine Why Mastiha Belongs on Your Bar Cart Now

Why Mastiha Belongs on Your Bar Cart Now

The ancient spirit is having a true comeback moment in the United States. By Oset Babur | September 13, 2019 With a 3,000 year history…
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Opinion Can This Ancient Greek Medicine Cure Humanity?

CHIOS, Greece — Over my 54 years, I’ve pinned my hopes on my parents, my teachers, my romantic partners, God. I’m pinning them now on…
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