First Chios Mastiha Gathering

The Chios Mastiha is gathered after it has been stabilized, about 15-20 days after carving, with a special tool called “timitiri”.

First, are collected the larger mastiha chunks, co-called “pites”, from the “table” and with the same tool is collected the Chios Mastiha that has been stabilized on the trunk of the tree, the so-called “tears”, and that hanging from the branches (so-called “fliskaria”). The rest of the Chios Mastiha is gathered with “brooms” or by hands.

Then using the basket, the Chios Mastiha is placed in wooden boxes and stored in cool rooms where it will be cleaned to be delivered to the Chios Mastiha Growers Association.

First Chios Mastiha Gathering is taking place from July to August.