Visit your Chios Mastiha Tree
The Gift Of Life
You should see the colorful ''carpets'' created by unique wild flowers such as "Lalades", wild Tulips of Chios (Tulipa praecox, Tulipa agenesis, Tulipa clusiana και Tulipa undulatifolia), 110 Orchid species and wild Garlic. You have to smell the intoxicating scent of the "Sparta" (Spartium junceum) and admire their yellow color on the roads and hills. At this period the Chios Mastiha growers are cleaning and levelling the soil of weeds around the "table" and level it. They then start the "Tables Sweeping" process.
Chios is an island with dozens of beaches to discover during the summer. Beaches with turquoise waters in calm bays, organized beaches with awards by the European Blue Flag Institute and also the unique Mavra Volia or Mavros Gialos Beach! The Chios Mastiha growers start the “tables soil spreading” process. The process of "Kentos" follows. Don't miss it!! It is the most important phase in the Chios Mastiha cultivation. You can carefully mark the Lentiscus with a small sharp iron tool with grooved ends, called “kentitiri”. The First Chios Mastiha Gathering also starts, at this period. The annual meeting of the adoptive parents will take place in the summer!
The weather in September is still warm and you can also enjoy our beautiful beaches! In October the trees paint the island in brown red colors and nature will captivate your heart! Hiking in that period is amazing! The "Kentos" process is completed in Autumn and the Second Chios Mastiha Gathering with a special tool called “timitiri” starts. The Chios Mastiha growers also wash and spread the Chios Mastiha to dry at this time and if you take a walk in the Mastiha villages the picture of the spread out Chios Mastiha will reward you!
The stormy sea and thick clouds constantly change colors in all shades of blue and grey. This is a magical picture on the island in winter! The Chios Mastiha growers are sifting the Mastiha in order to separate it from leaves, twigs and soil. This process is called “Tahtarisma”. Also in all of the 24 Mastiha villages, you will find women cleaning the Chios Mastiha. This process, called "Pastrema" will certainly amaze you. Don't forget to try your hand at it! When the Chios Mastiha is cleaned by the growers, it is delivered to the Chios Mastiha Growers Association where the product is especially processed, packed and commercially available.