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Update on Adopt a Chios Mastiha Tree Sustainability Project

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        Update on Adopt a Chios Mastiha Tree Sustainability Project

August 15, 2021

By The National Herald

CHIOS – Lenia Ziglaki of Adopt Chios Trees shared an update with The National Herald on the progress of the Adopt a Chios Mastiha Tree sustainability project that began in 2019.

She said, via email: “It has been almost two years already since we have launched the ‘Adopt a Chios Mastiha Tree’ sustainability project and we would like to take a minute and reflect back to what brought us here, what our team has accomplished these past years and where we are going next as an organization.”

“Ancient Greeks said: ‘The beginning is half of the whole’ and thanks to your valuable support we have set on the right foot,” Ziglaki continued.

“In 2019, we created the project, with the aspiration to introduce to you the wonderful world of the precious Chios Mastiha Trees and strengthen the cultivation of Mastiha- a traditional cultivation, which has been included by UNESCO in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The recognition of traditional Mastiha cultivation signifies that (24) Mastiha villages and their people are a special and unique cultural element.

“Along with all efforts taken by local and national public authorities and those of private sector, Adopt Chios Mastiha Tree aims to bring Mastiha culture in a new era, promoting it as a whole way of life and an integral part of the local identity.

“We aim to spread the word (and the aroma) about Chios Mastiha around the world and up until today we have succeeded to do so; having Adoptive Parents in 22 Countries, from Asia to Europe and from Africa to America and Australia with whom we have built a two-way communication channel constantly informing them about their Adopted Tree, the progress of the annual cultivation through direct e-mails, updated information on our website and regular posts on our Social Media accounts (Facebook and Instagram).”

Ziglaki thanked TNH: “You have been our voice to the world during our first ‘baby steps.’ Sharing our dream through your articles and editorials proved to be a major boost and we feel grateful for that. Not only for nourishing Adopt Chios Mastiha Tree project but also for turning the spotlight on Chios island.”

Ziglaki also shared photos from Chios highlighting the Mastiha culture and invited everyone to visit the island.

More information about the Adopt Chios Mastiha Tree project is available online:

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